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Laser Skin & Cosmetology Clinic is a state-of–the-art ultra modern equipped skin clinic with excellent services in Medical Cosmetology & Dermatology. It is situated in the heart of Cochin City, near Kaloor bus station and 1 KM from North Railway station, making it easily accessible.

At Laser Skin & Cosmetology Clinic, we offer you personalized care based on your needs to develop the appearance and well being of your skin, hair and nails. Our aim is to provide safe and appropriate treatment at affordable cost.
Light Sheer Diode Laser:
 Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. A diode laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. The pigments in the shaft of hair will absorb and transfer this light to the follicle in a fraction of second, causing thermal damage to the follicle.
Birth mark & Tattoo Removal:
Tattoos and birth marks removal can be done more comfortably and effectively with Q-Switched ND yag laser. Our doctors can remove tattoos from the skin in a series of treatments. Pulses of light energy penetrate in to the tattoo or skin lesion...